As an on-location photographer, I always have my eyes peeled for new and interesting locales for a photo shoot. And a few schools have made me want to return for a session.  No, not just the well-known beauty and architecture of Stanford University. But local elementary schools. What better place to find elements of childhood throughout the halls and playgrounds than a school where children spend much of their days?

I love these boys. I’ve photographed them several times since they were babies. I think they’re rather used to me by now. No time needed to warm up for a session. In fact, I believe they had a lot of fun showing off their school playground. This is why I’ve always wanted to do a session at an elementary school. There’s something unique about each of them that speaks of the student life that fills the hallways. At this one, it’s the mural. And the ball wall. And the play structure.

More to come…stay tuned…

An original post from “Life as we see it…,” the official blog of  Solheim Photography.

I’ve wanted to return here to the Forbes Mill Museum next to Los Gatos High School since I did a session here once before. I love what the site has to offer – an old wagon, graffitti’ed wall, white birch trees, stone wall facades – so many possibilities, so many great spots – and an historical landmark to boot! Since I’d photographed this family before, they were looking for a new and different locale, too. Serendipity?

More to come…stay tuned.

An original post to Life As We See It, the official blog of Solheim Photography.

After such a fabulous session, see how it all came together below. This mom had a few ideas for spaces to show off her portraits and settled on the living room. Talk about a head turner. Here, everyone who visits gets to enjoy the image gallery. It’s a strong focal point and the portrait display beautifully plays off the colors in the room. Just gorgeous.  [The two portraits on each side measure 20″ x 20″ while the two horizontal ones are 10″ x 20″. Each portrait is on a canvas gallery wrap, 1 1/2″ deep, black edges.]

More to come…stay tuned.

An original post to Life As We See It…the official blog of Solheim Photography.


The other day, I wanted to show a new client some ideas for photo session sites in the local area. The Rose Garden was one of them. But when I looked at past blog posts, they were nowhere to be found. And this was one session I really wanted to share…so many personal faves.

Around October, Autumn colors begin to dominate the area. The changing of the season from Summer to Fall usually means that flowers, particularly roses, have passed their blooming stage and withered away, anticipating the beginning of a new cycle. This is often a worry when it comes to photos but luckily…we live in California. The municipal Rose Garden in San Jose still blooms, though not as much as in the Spring. October in the Rose garden still offers vibrant colors, gorgeous backdrops and an endless number of picture-perfect spots.  Add a wonderful close-knit family with a daughter bubbling with the non-stop energy typical of an 8-year-old and a son with tweendom attitude, embarrassed by the slightest public display of affection and you have the makings of a particularly fun and sweet session.

Sooooo many images to choose from…next post, we’ll take a look at how we created a gorgeous display for their living room wall – certainly an eye-catching focal point.

More to come…stay tuned…

An original post from “Life as we see it…,” the official blog of  Solheim Photography.

It’s been quiet around here for a while. I know, I know. The unfortunate truth is that I’m not the most prolific writer. And while this blog is mostly about showing off the wondrous images of the many fabulous families I had the honor to hang out with, I still feel the need to write a little something. And therein lay the problem. Words don’t come easy to me. While I’m always happy with the end result, it still takes me a while to finish a short paragraph. Ugh. But I still keep trying…particularly since it’s time to make a long overdue announcement – my new and improved Solheim Photography web site is now up and running!

As the saying goes, “It’s been a long time coming.” hahaha The new site is not a blogsite (a combined web site and blog), as has become popular with many photographers. I still kinda like having a web site home and separate blog because well…see above. But I digress.

The greatest thing about the site is now, you can access it from your iPad, iPhone, Android, and the like! Flash is no longer required to access my site – just choose the link for non-flash mobile devices on the Splash Page.

Here are a few more great things about my site:

  • My NEW Solheim Photography logo is all over it – so happy and fun…just like me.  :-)
  • Images are BIG just like in my old site. The bigger the better, I always say…when it comes to photos, of course.
  • I wrote more stuff. Stuff that I hope gives you a good idea about what to expect from working with me before, during and after your session, ideas on what to wear, and most important, why choose Solheim Photography and other things to consider when selecting a professional photographer to capture images you’ll cherish about your family.
  • Updated photo galleries with new faves from recent sessions.
  • Easier to see and navigate clients’ galleries – of course, you have to be a client with photos to review from a recent session to see this one, but trust me. It’s much nicer.  😉
So, when you get a chance, stop by and take a look around. Hope you love it just as much as I do.


And because I just can’t write a post without a photo, here are my girls hangin’ around the neighborhood park.
More to come…stay tuned.


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