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Gosh, it's been a while since I posted here. Sorry about that. I have so many new favorites to share with you but the exciting news is that I've been feverishly finishing up my new photography web site. I can't wait to link to it so you can take a peek. But since I've ignored all else (except for feeding my family and picking up my girls from school) until I launch my site, here's a cross-post from my family blog. Back soon!

If you can call it that. Two minutes is about all I can get out of my daughters to sit still long enough for me to click off a few shots. And then, I've gotta have something they want that they don't get unless they do what I ask. Sound familiar?

I worry sometimes that it's the Cobbler's Kids story…the guy makes nice, beautiful shoes for his customers but the kids run around in beat up shoes. But it's not exactly like that when it comes to photographing my girls. There are several photos I've taken of clients' kids that I would dearly love to have of my own girls. But my girls won't stick around long enough to try out some of those ideas on them. So, in these photos, I had all of 2 minutes before they each announced, "That's all, Mommy. No more pictures." And off they ran. Aaarrrrrrrrrgggggh!

Oh well. At least I got a handful that I do love. And I have to admit that it's getting better. The last time I cornered them for a few pictures was on Valentine's Day. That lasted all of 30 seconds before their pronouncement that our photo session was over. I guess I should be happy for the 2 minutes these days.





Do you want to see more photos from this shoot? Just click on the link below.



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