A Moment In May

A personal inspiration post. A moment in May. A moment on this planet…around the world. Once in a while, an idea comes up that so intrigues me and this is one of them. Kind of along the lines of the well-known “A Day In The Life” series. Photographers all over the world will set their clocks for 15:00 hours in Coordinated Universal Time (U.T.C.) – that’s 8:00 a.m. West Coast time. And they will capture an image…or several and choose the one. The single image to represent that moment as interpreted by the photographer and send it to the New York Times to become part of a global mosaic.

A simple idea blown up to encompass a world of different locations, cultures, ideas, people.  It’s certainly going to be one of those projects that with everyone’s contributions, will become something larger than all of us. Connected. Part of a whole. It should be an amazing thing to see. And we’re planning to be part of it. What about you?

And yea, we’ll post our images here afterwards.

More to come…stay tuned….

An original post to Life As We See It, the official blog of Solheim Photography.

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