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Neglect, neglect, neglect, neglect. That’s one for each blog I write for. Unfortunately, that includes this one and I wish it didn’t. I have several shoots to share with you. I just love showing off my latest work. My quandary, however, has been how to make this particular blog more interesting. I happen to be one of those people that can look at pictures all day long – whether I took them or not, whether I know the subjects or not. I’m guessing that most people aren’t like me.

I’ve found that when photographers share some of what they’re thinking during their photo shoots, it gives the readers a little glimpse into how it might be to work with that photographer – besides imparting a few tips and ideas here and there. Likewise, I enjoy learning a bit more about a photographer and love to see photos of his or her family from time to time. Photographing one’s own children gives a photographer a certain level of freedom to create and try new things they may not otherwise have time to do in a photo shoot. I also love seeing samples of other projects a photographer may be involved in or pictures from places they’ve travelled.

This world of social media has given everyone, especially the business owner, another way to reach out to clients and potential clients. I hope that by sharing more than just my photo shoots with you, you will get a good feel for what I am like and conclude whether I am the photographer for you and your family for those special times and everyday memories.

So now, here goes. Though I have a lot to catch up on with you from the last few months of photo shoots, I’m going to start catching up with something a little different – me. My family, that is. My daily inspiration for my work. Particularly my girls. Twin 5-year-olds I affectionately and virtually refer to as Storyteller and Songwriter.

To know my girls is to know how very different…and similar…they are.

Meet Storyteller. She is my older twin by oh, 2 minutes. I don’t mention this fact around them very often. At 5 years old, each twin uses anything she can to her advantage over her sister and being older is one of them.

IMG_6601 copy 

Meet Songwriter. The younger and bolder (generally speaking) of the two. This is another difference I don’t point out to either twin much at all either since both can exhibit boldness in rather different situations.

IMG_6611 copy 

Meet my husband, Truls. Yes, he truly is my best friend, my greatest supporter, my favorite fan. He is also an incredible photographer. Think he built his own darkroom when he was a kid and had a camera in hand since he was seven. I call him my encyclopedia of all things photography. I should also mention that he is a die hard Canon-ite. Our styles and interests in photography are somewhat different. If he had his druthers, he’d be a photographer for National Geographic or a sports photographer covering windsurfing, skiing, sailing or…or…or…  I think you get the idea. All in all, he’s a pretty wonderful guy.

IMG_3856 copy  

So, there you have it. A fresh, restart new beginning to this blog – an ongoing selection of faves from my photo shoots, a sprinkling of snapshots from my daily inspirations, and pictures of places we’ve travelled in the hopes that the photographs inspire you, the text intrigues you and you keep coming back for more. :-)

More to come…stay tuned.

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