All Boy. All Energy. All. The. Time. | Capitola childrens and family photographer

It was so fun to reconnect with this mom. I think the last time I saw her was at a party years ago – long before children were an idea and beach volleyball was the priority. I’d heard so much about her son, I couldn’t wait to meet him. Talk about personality plus! It was everywhere – his eyes, his movements, his chatter – but especially those eyes. As I looked through these images, his eyes communicated all the mischievous ideas, boy-like wonder, and bottled up energy he possessed. He couldn’t stay in one place for long and of course, I didn’t expect him to. I love the challenge of keeping up with little tots like him while capturing that unique energy that shouts all boy.

Oh and did this mom know which slot to pick for the beach photography fundraiser or what. The light for the last shoot of this day was absolutely amazing – soft, golden and sweet. A perfect ending.

More to come…stay tuned….

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