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Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to the founders of this non-profit organization, DASchild. It’s an organization created to raise funds to prevent the trafficking of women and children and to provide support and development initiatives for victims of trafficking in Thailand. Women and children. I couldn’t help but read more about DASchild’s efforts on their web site and the people that are on the front lines based in Thailand. Then, one of the key people organizing the efforts and in the thick of the fighting came to speak at DASchild’s fundraiser. He told stories and brought slides. Tears fell from many faces in the audience. It was…heart-wrenching.

My daily ups and downs were put back into perspectve. I have a happy life with family and friends. It’s safe. My husband and I can plan the future for our family. We can act on hopes and dreams we have for our daughters. We are lucky. Very, very lucky. Living in Silicon Valley and dealing with the frustrations of traffic and long work hours, helping kids with homework and rushing them off to school, chauffeuring our kids to their myriad activities and sports – it’s a life we are lucky and blessed to have. This is not so in many parts of this world.

So, when my friend asked if I could take a few photos at their fundraiser, I was honored. If my small contribution to their event could encourage others to work with DASchild and support their mission, I would be more than happy to contribute my time. Below are a few images from the event held at Holbrook Palmer Park. If you’d like more information, check out their web site. If you’d like to be part of the efforts, please consider how you can help and contact them.

The founders of DASchild, Nalin & Mark Decker, with the guest speaker, Ronnasit Proekasayajivahas, President of The Counter Human Trafficking Unit (CTU) and the Director of the Field Operations.

More to come…stay tuned….

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