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We don’t have many seasons here in California. A change in season is usually marked by whether it’s raining or not. It’s pretty simple. Yea, there are hotter days (like today!) than others. But that sun seems to always peek out from somewhere. Clouds just don’t seem to hang out for all that long. In fact, many years ago, I came to believe that the best weather in California is really in the Fall…right around the end of September and through October.

I always referred to it as Indian Summer but by now, there might be a more politically correct name. But the more visually obvious change is likely more commercial – pumpkins. Everywhere. Florist shops display myriad ways of decorating the seasonal squash. Special displays of pumpkins greet you when you enter the grocery store. Previously empty lots are now filled with pumpkins and occupy many street corners. Pumpkin patches prepare for the descent of hundreds of school children with mini trains, corn mazes, educational films and of course, fields of pumpkins.

This time of year never seemed so special until we had children. It’s one of those seasons that so delight the younger set and present endless opportunities for capturing fabulous images by the older. And when the invitation was open for families to accompany their first grade children on the annual pumpkin patch field trip, I didn’t hesitate.

More to come…stay tuned…. 

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