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I just got back from the BloghHer 2008 conference in San Francisco and I found it quite interesting that there was a session devoted specifically to Photography. Blogging and photography? Well, bloggers are always keen to improve their blogging, increase traffic to their sites and grow their readership. Having good photographs has become essential (according to the more popular bloggers) to a good blog (Canon will likely see a marked increase in sales of the Canon Rebel DSLR – the camera of choice for many bloggers, it seems)

Likewise, more and more professional photographers seem to have started blogs lately. I started one primarily because my new web site is under construction and I needed some kind of online public face in the meantime. Besides, I believe it’s a great way for people to learn a little about me and more about my style through pictures *and* words.

So, what did I hope to get out of this session? Well, it was put on by Me Ra Koh. I checked out her web site and her work, of course, is fantastic…and I am of the mindset that I can always learn something new from other photographers in this industry. There are several photographers whose work I admire that gets me all psyched about this profession…and I’ve just added Me Ra Koh to that list. What a wonderful presenter – engaging, infinitely approachable, and just plain ol’ fun to watch. It was absolutely my favorite session of the conference. I look forward to seeing her present again…next time at a photography conference. :-)

– I’ve yet to go to a conference that didn’t have a lot of partying going on. This one was taken at Saks Fifth Ave. with my little Canon Digital Elph (didn’t have my "real" camera since I was "off duty") at a Silicon Valley Moms Group party (yes, I’m an avid blogger and photographer…and scrapbooker). I didn’t want to miss taking photos of mirror images – love that multi-reflection effect.




Original Solheim Photography blog post by Linda D.

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