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Check out these handsome young boys. You may recognize one of them. They are Heidi’s sons (of Heidi’s boutique in downtown Los Gatos). The younger one was the star of a shoot I did for Heidi’s store a year ago as well as this past summer for a summer fashion show. Well, him and a few friends. It had been a long while since Heidi and family sat down for a photo session. Funny how time flies when kids are in school and myriad activities abound. But the boys are in their tween/teen years and it won’t be long before they’re young adults. Though Mom was more interested in photos of the boys, she realized it was high time that the whole family was captured. And doing it at a historical landmark in Los Gatos, it would be that much more special. Heidi suggested the Forbes Mill Museum which sits at the end of a walk/bike bridge that spans highway 17. It’s easy to miss unless you’re a Los Gatos High teenager running around during P.E. It was a fabulous spot for a photo shoot – old stone facade, a rather colorful graffittied wall under the bridge, tall grass and trees as a forested backdrop. It’s a gorgeous locale with several different backdrops and I’m looking forward to bringing more clients there soon.

More to come…stay tuned…. 

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