Buried In the Sand | San Jose family photographer

Whenever I leave a session, I can’t wait to download the images so I can see them on my rather large monitor. When it comes to looking at photos, bigger is better, I always say. And sometimes, there’s a particular image that sticks in my mind. It was the end of this session and one of the boys was in an especially playful mood. He said something to me which I couldn’t make out. But one second later, he was on his back scooping up sand around and onto him. Burying himself. It was one of the more hilarious moments I’ve had in a session – punctuated by his non-stop giggles. Every time I see this image, I chuckle.

And of course, the rest of the images make me smile. Such a beautiful family.

And once we enlarged some of these images to 11×14 portraits, we created a fabulous focal point for the family room with this eye-catching wall display. Check it out.

More to come…stay tuned….

An original post to Life As We See It, the official blog of Solheim Photography.

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