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It’s hard to believe but the holidays are over and 2012 has begun. Just the other day, I was scheduling a playdate for my daughters and we had to push it to February! Because so many activities and special events in January, that was the first time our calendars coincided for a few hours. Scary to think that January will be gone that fast…and it’s only the 5th day of the month!

We did have a wondrous break in Norway with family and friends. Though we won’t see them again until the summer (physically that is, we do have Skype), the photos (of course, the photos!) will help us hold onto the fun times we shared. And with that, a few last photos from our New Year’s Eve celebrations. Enjoy!

Game time is a favorite way to pass the hours until midnight, particularly for the kids.

Fireworks everywhere! My in-laws live on a hill, so, we were able to enjoy fireworks shows all around us. The kids were fascinated by their own sparklers. And my husband set the long exposure on his camera and painted the night sky with a sparkler as he captured some of the fireworks exploding around us. (And if you’re curious, I took the people shots with my 50mm 1.2L at 1.6, 1/100 and ISO 6400 on my  5D MkII, no flash.)

It began to snow during the fireworks and those snowflakes are the big hexagon shapes on the images. Unfortunately, that snow also lightened the sky, making it difficult to capture many fantastic fireworks shots. But my husband managed to capture a few in the distance.

The morning after, we were greeted by a blanket of white snow. Just a spectacular sight, especially after the snow had melted away the previous two days.

And of course, the flag was raised to mark this important annual event. Oh and by the way, the presence of the snowplow incites just as much excitement in our girls as the trucks on recycling day at home.

More to come…stay tuned.

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