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I love Christmas! It’s always been my (and my husband’s) favorite holiday of the year. There’s just something about this magical season. Shopping for Christmas-themed things be they ornaments or hangings or anything, really, is one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately, I don’t have endless wall or display space. And Christmas trees have only so many branches before you can’t see the tree for the ornaments. So rather than continually buying new items, I photograph them. I do this at friends’ and relatives’ decorated homes as well – who don’t question my actions knowing I’m a photographer and I have my quirks. hahaha Anyway, since we were in Norway for the holidays, I had several occasions to photograph new and different holiday decor.

My new obsession this year is what I call the button-nose nissen with lots of hair and a long cap. The round table of little red-scarved women eating porridge depicts a favorite tradition on julaften (Christmas Eve), particularly for children. And instead of a gingerbread house, one of the cousins decided to build a gingerbread Hogwarts train:Christmas goats of straw are frequent visitors during Christmas…
Red crocheted hearts, heart-shaped woven bag ornaments, wooden angels and nissen of tree branches…

Another thing I love about Norwegian traditions? Many families keep their Christmas decor up through the twelve days of Christmas, typically around the 5th of January. And it’s one we’ve decided to maintain.

More to come…stay tuned.

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