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Can an entire year have already passed? How does that happen? I’m continually amazed at the babies on my First Year Baby plan. A year seems so long but when you see how much they change from session to session (which is really only a few months), time seems to literally fly by. And that’s exactly how I felt when I looked through these twin boys’ last session of the First Year Baby plan. They’re one year old now. Wow. It’s such a privilege to be able to capture their first year of life and a reminder. They’re tiny and precious for such a short time. Time (seems to) speed up once you have children.

Mom said that this was the first time these brothers ever raced each other…and boy did they have a ball. The freedom, the joy, the giggles – it was contagious and we laughed right along with them. There will be many more races to come between these two. I don’t envy Mom and Dad when these guys lose their wobbliness and really get going. hahaha (Want to see how much these tots have changed? Check out their newborn sessionfirst session at three months old and second session at 10 months old.)

More to come…stay tuned….

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