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Gosh how I love photographing kids! Especially outside. In a park. Where their natural curiosity and playful spirit simply take over. I don’t use many props unless I’m photographing a newborn or baby and their toys are a surefire way to grab their attention. But older kids? Naaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…I just love to let them run loose (within reason, of course…and within the park’s edge). No posers needed when I’ve got a play structure complete with slides, steering wheel, climbing rock and pole. Then, there are the trees – climbable ones, of course, with its own natural curves and knots to add interesting lines and texture to any image. I’ve deemed my local park my outdoor studio. And I believe that whenever kids come to my outdoor studio, their whole outlook on taking photos completely changes in the best sort of way. Suddenly, it’s playtime! And what kid can resist that? Just like this brother and sister.

Wanna go climb a tree?” I ask. “Yes!” they shout. “How about over here?” I point. “OK!” And their smiles were as huge as can be.

Can you take a picture of me here?” Now that is music to my ears, as they say. Because it’s not just that one time. It’s one idea after another…from them. And when kids are engaged in the photo shoot, their excitement is hard to contain. Oh yea, I do watch out for those canned, too-wide smiles but I’ll take a few of  those if I can get that natural bubbliness that exudes in abundance when kids are in their element. Mom said her daughter might be a little shy at first – and she was. She also said her son was reticent to have photos taken but lately wasn’t minding it so much. And he wasn’t. Which made for a particularly fun session. Because it didn’t take sister long to warm up seein’ how big brother was rarin’ to go. That natural playfulness? Check. Sweet smiles? Check. Brotherly/sisterly love? Check. Kids in action? Check. Cheesey smiles – well, I do have to humor them.  ;-p

More to come…stay tuned.

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