Happy [Mini Me] Valentines Day!

A heartfelt Happy Valentines Day to you! While I have several sessions queued up to share with you, first I must acknowledge this annual celebration of love. For the last few years, the days leading up to Valentines Day have been intensely busy with cookie baking/frosting/packaging and card signing. You can probably imagine who took on most of that labor. This year, however, was different. My almost 8-year-old girls insisted on taking over most of the cookie prepping and packaging *and* had specific ideas about this year’s Valentines Day card they would share with classmates and teachers. They loved the “mini me” design I did for them last year and wanted to do a similar thing. They both had several concepts they wanted to try. So, this last weekend, we had a mini photo session in my home studio. And since they couldn’t decide which card to choose, they went with all of them. Check ’em out and Happy Valentines Day!

More to come…stay tuned.

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