Hi-Energy In My Outdoor Studio | San Jose Childrens Photographer

I love going to my clients’ homes for a photo shoot – there’s nowhere else more comfortable for a child or baby than to be in a familiar environment with all their familiar toys. There’s also something special about capturing the children at this age in this home – who knows where they might be five years from now – and don’t we all wax nostalgic about the homes we grew up in? But there are times when the front and back yards just aren’t suitable and I need an alternative to offer up when the family really, really wants to be outside. So, I have a playlot down the street that I’ve decided to dub my outdoor studio. And I’m quite happy that I had a couple of hi-energy girls to race in and around the play structure with a few stops to rest and sit for a few shots with Mom in the trees. By the end of our session, their Mom remarked that they’re going to think it’s just playtime…to which I thought, thank you. That’s the sweetest compliment you could have given me.

More to come…stay tuned.

An original post to Life As We See It, the official blog of Solheim Photography. 

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