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Sometimes during a session, I can’t wait to get home and bring up an image in full screen. Sometimes, there’s a moment that happens where everything is just…right. Everything that you can control – lighting, composition, depth of field – the technical aspects are planned and nailed in advance. Then the child laughs, runs across the ramp and raises his hand in the air – a gesture of triumph and joy. And that defining moment of playful exuberance is…gone. Thank goodness I was ready for it…and couldn’t wait to see it on a big screen at home. That’s this first image.

I’d called for his big brother to join us. Suddenly, his head pops up above the top of the ladder with a look that makes me laugh…a little mischievous…and very playful….

And I knew they were just getting started. Check it out.

More to come…stay tuned.

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