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This beautiful family happened to be visiting and thought what fun it would be to get some photos taken. And I thought how lucky was I to get to photograph them all together…the day before they left for home up north. They'd never had a family photo done and it was about time. I could have chatted all day long with the moms…but that's not why I was there. hahahaha

The girls were, as you'll see, just gorgeous. Little Miss "S" reminded me of a mini Vanessa Williams with her fabulous coloring and dramatic eyes while Miss "M" was simply cute and silly. It was a very, very hot day so I was glad I got some wonderful shots before everyone melted…down. 



– For a 4-year-old girl, it's all about the bling.





Do you want to see more photos from this shoot? Just click on the link below.



Original Solheim Photography blog post by Linda D.

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