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Here’s an alternative spot for a photo session – your local indoor mall! I love to work with available light on location but with the cold and wet weather just around the corner, I thought I’d check out my local shopping center as a potential locale. And what a fun spot! Soft bright light, wide open aisles, distinct storefront facades and comfy sitting areas throughout the center all offer great potential for fabulous photos. Take a look. Can’t wait to take another client there.

Mall1_IMG_9990 copy 

Mall3_IMG_9950 copy 

Mall4_IMG_9869 copy 

Mall5_IMG_0154 copy 

Mall7_IMG_0007 copy 

Do you want to see more photos from this photo shoot? Click on the link below.

Mall2_IMG_9985 copy 

Mall12_IMG_9994 copy 

Mall9_IMG_0099 copy 

Mall8_IMG_0003 copy 

More to come…stay tuned.

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