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Welcome to my new and improved blog!

Life As We See It has found a new home with a more photo-friendly template. For you, this means bigger images and as I always say, bigger is better. For me, it means that posting photos will be far easier [and faster – hopefully!] and lead to more frequent posts [that’s the plan, anyway].

To celebrate my new blog template and platform, it seemed appropriate that I share photos of a sweet and precious newborn. More than nine pounds at birth, he was big and healthy from from the moment he entered this world. Not only that, he was quite aware of our little photo session at only 10 days old. It probably didn’t help that he was being jostled around so much. Throughout it all, he was a real trooper, curious about the world around him.

Until next time…

An original post to Life As We See It, the offical blog of Solheim Photography.

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