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Well, I decided to try it again this year…and then some. Project 365. Take one photo each day. Somewhere around May/June last year, I petered out. I lost track. I got behind. And then it was history. Life, as they say, took priority. I don’t really know what stopped me but I know I was feeling pressured. I don’t want to feel pressure…at least, not with my creative outlets. I hadn’t really thought about what I intended to do with my project 365 last year except to do it. It was fun trying some new and different techniques. Along the way, though, it got to be more work than play. Instead of a fun challenge for me to stretch creatively , it became a pressurized, get-out-of-bed-grab-my-camera and take a photo panic several nights. And that stifles my creativity. It does not unleash it. So, with my 2011 word of the year, anew, underlying my purpose, I’m starting over again. A new beginning. Different intentions.

Project 365 will be a photo a day. It may be a bad photo. It may be an uninteresting photo. It may be the last thing I do before I go to bed just to get it done. It may be something I plan out and take a gazillion shots until I get it exactly how I want it. It may be taken with my iPhone. It may be taken with my Digital Elph. It may be taken with my 5D MkII. It doesn’t matter. It will simply be a photo I took that day. No, it doesn’t have to “represent” the day but it will represent that single moment in time when I take the photo. This year, I want to finish this project. This year, I don’t want to think or stress out about it much. I simply want to do it…and worry about what I have collected at the end of the year.

My …then some? It’s called Project 52. One photo each week. I embarked on this one inspired and managed by MCP. A theme will be given each week and my challenge will be to take and post a photo that expresses that theme…or not. This is the first time Jodi (owner of MCP) has done a project like this and she wants to make sure there weren’t too many rules but that it would be an outlet to push our creative boundaries. Since she is well-known for creating actions for photographers to use on their images (I have several), her following is largely comprised of professional photographers and passionate hobbyists. My thought is to stretch myself creatively for this particular photographic project. After all, I have a week…you would think I could think of something. Wish me luck…on both counts.

Two weeks into 2011 and this is what I’ve done so far for Project 52….

And Project 365-2011…thus far….

More to come…stay tuned

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