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What could be sweeter than a precious newborn to photograph? TWO tiny newborns, of course! These adorable twin boys could not wait to come out and join the world, arriving a few weeks earlier than expected. But no worries. They were just as healthy as can be and only spent a minimal amount of time in NICU. Amazingly, they were also quite aware of their surroundings at only a couple weeks old, keeping Mom and Dad scratching their heads when they thought they had finally settled into a schedule (for feeding and sleeping) of sorts only to find their expectations needed constant modifications here and there. It took the boys a little while to finally become so sleepy that we could mold them into a few precious newborn poses but all in all, they were real troopers for our shoot…and so were Mom and Dad.  :-)

Nothing says twinfants better than 20 little toes…

IMG_0805 cropped BW PROOF

The “mini-me” pose…ha ha ha…this image always makes their mom and me laugh.

IMG_1091 copy cropped BW PROOF 

 IMG_1068 copy BW PROOF

Love using this crocheted cocoon I just got for newborn sessions. I especially like the contrast between the smooth baby skin and the rough-looking texture of the yarn (don’t worry, it was very soft to the touch).

IMG_0694 copy cropped BW PROOF 

IMG_0557 cropped BW PROOF 

Now meet this new mom of twins…

IMG_0860 copy BW PROOF 

And of course, the new dad of twins…they have quite an adventure ahead of them.   😉

IMG_0883 copy BW PROOF 

Want to see more sweetness from this newborn session? Click on the link below…


IMG_0716 copy cropped BW PROOF 

IMG_1003 copy BW PROOF 

IMG_1045 copy cropped BW PROOF 

BTW, this family is a member of the Gemini Crickets Parents of Multiples Silicon Valley. If you have or are about to have twins, there’s nothing like being able to share your ups and downs with others in the same boat. I should know, I’ve been a member since my twin girls were 3 months young…they’re 5 years old now. :-)

More to come…stay tuned.

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