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I meant to post these images a while ago but thought I’d wait until Mom put her favorites up on her walls. I was so behind on posts anyway that heck, why not wait until everything was said and done and hung in her gallery? I have to say that I was really looking forward to photographing these two kids. The son is an old pre-K classmate of my own girls and they’ve had several after-school playdates together. Lil’ sis is as cute as a button and my girls looooove playing with tiny tots like her. But what I really loved was the fact that both of them have the most beautiful blue eyes – mesmerizing, in fact. I couldn’t wait to catch them on camera.

Mom created her private gallery in the sitting area of her bedroom. This way she can look up whenever she wants, see her children and smile. Because hers is a Victorian style home, she mounted the images into simple gold frames. The middle portrait is 20″x20″ and the side portraits are 16″x20″. Her kids also wanted photos of them together for their own bedrooms. To make them extra special, Mom mounted theirs on canvas gallery wrap. The one in her daughter’s room is 16″x16″ and the one in her son’s room is 16″x20″. To give you relative size, the walls are standard 8′ high.

More to come…stay tuned….

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