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It’s about time, as they say (whoever "they" is). I have begun putting together the pieces of our dream careers. Both "T" and I have always had a passion for photography. I often tell people that it was inevitable that we would get together. He was the only guy I knew that took more pictures than I did.  😉

I believe I have finally found a part of photography that drives me. More than the cool perspectives and exotic locations I have been lucky to capture on film (now cards) over the years, I’ve found that photographing people feels "right," particularly children. I credit this newfound desire to my own children.

Why children’s and family photography? I get a real kick out of photographing children. If you have the patience, children give so much to a photographer. Their actions and expressions are spontaneous, true, and infinitely precious. Whether they’re laughing and smiling, serious and contemplative, or angry and crying – there is so much to remember and capture about their early years. The minute changes in expressions mean something to the parents. And it’s this deep feeling of connection that I want to give each family.

Why families? Families are all about connections. Relationships. The ability to capture the depth of feelings in every image is something I strive to do. It gives me great personal gratification to hear that a moment I captured brought tears of sweetness to a client’s face.

But what made me think that I have any talent, an "eye" for photography (besides everyone else telling me so)? Basically, I became a mother. Shooting pictures of my own girls and their playmates at playdates, I created images that brought smiles to my fellow mommy friends’ faces. There are images I remember that convinced me that I have a place in this industry. And then there’s my husband and partner. His own photography work in his life rivals that of many professional photographers in the business – at least, *I* think so.  😉

Anyway, the following images are ones that are precious to me that have made me believe in myself and this new career.

– In this photo, "L"’s expression, especially her eyes, made me snap forward to her grown-up years. It was a conflict of emotions when I first saw this picture.


– Here, I see so much of "K"’s personality…


– Very, very busy are my girls at the beach. This is such a typical scene. We head to the beach quite often. I’m particularly happy with this composition and how the colors on my girls stand out.


Original Solheim Photography blog post by Linda D.

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