Like California, much of the snow has melted away by now. Above freezing temperatures have not been cooperative in maintaining the white landscape.  But boy were we lucky to arrive when we did. There was snow aplenty to blanket my in-law’s neighborhood and nearby sledding hills. The town’s ice rink has also been quite busy with several kids out of school and families enjoying the holiday break. Though the grounds are green again until the temperatures drop, we’ll savor the images we do have of our winter white Christmas break.

A little sledding…a little skating…

a little falling…whoops!

More to come…stay tuned.

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Despite our late arrival the previous evening, our kids were beyond excited to see their cousins again. The light layer of snow called to them, “Come out and play!” They couldn’t wait. Even better, Farmor (grandmother) promised that they would all get to bake cookies and buns in the afternoon. This is one of my girls’ favorite things to do when they visit. Day one in Norway. A great start to a white Christmas.

Farmor and seven grandchildren between 2 and 8 years of age ready to create their masterpieces:

A little post-baking playtime indoors…

And it’s time to head outside for a little iceball making, snowman construction and sledding:

Oh yes, this is the land of the midnight sun…and dusk at high noon. It’s no wonder that at 5:30 in the afternoon, it’s pitch dark already…and playing outside in the snow and dark seems to have its own special attraction for the kids:

More to come…stay tuned.

An original post to Life as we see it, the official blog of Solheim Photography.

This is the first year we’ve travelled away from home for Christmas since our girls were almost 2 years old (they’re now 7). We figured a nice white Christmas (weather permitting) would be a wonderful experience for them – especially one surrounded by the Norwegian side of the family. Like hundreds (or thousands) of others, we decided to make this an extended family holiday season. So we’re now in Norway to be with family for the two-week-long Christmas break.  I’m making sure to document as much of our trip as I can and thought I’d give you glimpses of our holiday stay.

At 7 years old, our girls are quite the seasoned travellers and make specific requests for the trip when they know the stops along the way, like Heathrow. Dining at the Giraffe restaurant in Terminal 5 at Heathrow International Airport in London is one of those requests when it comes to travelling to Europe. The menu has a broad international selection of dishes but their main interest is in collecting more of those cute, colorful little plastic giraffes they give out. But it’s these little things that they’ll talk about in future years when they’re on their own travelling the world, so of course we are happy to oblige.

More to come…stay tuned.

An original post to Life as we see it, the official blog of Solheim Photography.

Exclusively for our clients, we are happy to offer the following 2011 holiday card designs…and of course, favorites from past years. Contact us and let us know you’d like us to create your holiday cards for you and we’ll get the ball rolling on selecting photos from your sessions. I know, it’s about time, eh?

[Please note: The last day to place your order for holiday cards is Nov. 28th – so don’t wait!]

and of course, favorites from past years:

Sometimes during a session, I can’t wait to get home and bring up an image in full screen. Sometimes, there’s a moment that happens where everything is just…right. Everything that you can control – lighting, composition, depth of field – the technical aspects are planned and nailed in advance. Then the child laughs, runs across the ramp and raises his hand in the air – a gesture of triumph and joy. And that defining moment of playful exuberance is…gone. Thank goodness I was ready for it…and couldn’t wait to see it on a big screen at home. That’s this first image.

I’d called for his big brother to join us. Suddenly, his head pops up above the top of the ladder with a look that makes me laugh…a little mischievous…and very playful….

And I knew they were just getting started. Check it out.

More to come…stay tuned.

An original post to Life as we see it, the official blog of Solheim Photography.


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