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More than my latest shoots, I promised to share some of my daily inspirations. In fact, a designer friend of mine inspired me to record these daily inspirations through the project 365-2010 group (aka photo a day). It began on January 1st and I’m happy to say that I’m still sticking to it. Over the course of the month, I realized how much fun I was having expending my creative energies on making something of the “everyday” more interesting, more memorable and how challenging it was to choose a subject for my efforts. Moreover, it’s a real departure from my usual portrait work. In my photo sessions, I’m always working with my subjects to inspire and capture those memorable expressions we want to grace our walls. In this project 365, I’m making more of an effort to create an appealing image using an inanimate object – setting up the light, finding the most interesting angles and/or setting up how the subject is arranged whether they are Lego blocks or a coffee machine or the like. Lighting and varying depths of field help to create a different mood with each image. January is now over but here are a few of my favorites over that first month, along with a month-ending catchall collage. Enjoy!

and here are images from all 31 days of January:

More to come…stay tuned….

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