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As an on-location photographer, I always have my eyes peeled for new and interesting locales for a photo shoot. And a few schools have made me want to return for a session.  No, not just the well-known beauty and architecture of Stanford University. But local elementary schools. What better place to find elements of childhood throughout the halls and playgrounds than a school where children spend much of their days?

I love these boys. I’ve photographed them several times since they were babies. I think they’re rather used to me by now. No time needed to warm up for a session. In fact, I believe they had a lot of fun showing off their school playground. This is why I’ve always wanted to do a session at an elementary school. There’s something unique about each of them that speaks of the student life that fills the hallways. At this one, it’s the mural. And the ball wall. And the play structure.

More to come…stay tuned…

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