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How I love photographing babies. There’s just something soft and sweet and fleeting about capturing their expressions and gestures. The cute little rolls, the pudgy little hands…sure, there usually isn’t much purpose behind all the hand waving or constant kicking or upturned faces but reflexes but still. All of those minute movements coupled with their seeming looks of wonder, consternation or joy make for such heart-tugging images. Here’s an adorable little one that I’m getting to capture throughout her first year.

The expression on her face here just makes me smile (9 months old):

IMG_6906 copy C PROOF fb  

IMG_6835 copy C PROOF fb

And here, she started really hamming it up for the camera…loved it!

IMG_6935 copy PROOF

Talk about bold. Once she got into it, she really got into it…hahaha

IMG_6957 copy C PROOF fb  

IMG_6922 copy PROOF fb  

Want to see more sweet photos of this beauty? Click on the link below to see images from her 3-months-old session.

Loved this look of wonder tinged with surprise on her face…

IMG_7478 PROOF_upload fb  

IMG_7394 PROOF fb  

IMG_7450 PROOF  


IMG_7501 PROOF fb   

  IMG_7560 PROOF fb  

More to come…stay tuned.

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