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I love our visits to Norway each year. We’ve been coming back here for gosh, over 15 years now. My husband is Norwegian and his family lives in Oslo. Our daughters are fluent in Norwegian thanks to their Pappa and it’s about time I put real focus on learning the language. So unlike past years, I’m at the University of Oslo International Summer School taking an intensive Norwegian language immersion course. Our girls are here as well playing with their cousins all day and enjoying their own informal language immersion…during the daily playdates. So, while I still have many photo shoots to share with you, I’ll be posting images from our summer hiatus in the homeland. Fortunately, we have several nieces and nephews close to our girls’ age and playtime has afforded me several opportunities to capture the exuberance of toddlers and children hard at play. Enjoy!

Oh and yes, we are booking photo shoots for the Fall season now. Send an email to and book your session before the months start filling up. I know it’s still summertime but once school starts up again, the holidays will be here before you know it. Until then, I hope your summer days are filled with sunshine and laughter.

And introducing our newest niece. Isn’t she too adorable?

And the reason we’re here…my Norwegian textbook and first University of Oslo souvenir. 

More to come…stay tuned….

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