Summer Vacation – the Golden Hour

We all need a break from time to time…and luckily, my husband (the other half of Solheim Photography) tends to take charge of the camera on our trips. His work is awesome and we have quite a [constantly growing] collection of slides and negatives from our travels over the past many, many years. One day, I intend to pull them out and kick off another side of Solheim Photography – travel and landscape photography – as home decor and cards, posters and the like. For now, he’ll just keep creating more gems during our travels for our home and archives – and focusing more of that travel time on capturing our girls as they grow.

These photos are from our vacation to Maui this year. Beach and pool – it’s so easy to entertain our girls sometimes. And, as the post title says, these were taken (by my husband, Truls) during the golden hour just before the sun sets…an especially wonderful time to capture those golden hues and silhouettes against a fading sun.

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Want to see a few more beach photos from Maui? Click on the link below…

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More to come…stay tuned.

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