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SheSheLogo_E_PinkCircle_2c Here’s another fabulous photo shoot I did for the CRAVE SF guidebook coming out in July.

It’s a store that will make you smile from the moment you walk in…like I did. Elegant. Feminine. Sweet. Pink is everywhere – on the walls, in the carpet, covering the sofa and comfy oversized pillows. Chic.Inviting. Fabulous. She She Shoes in Los Gatos. This is a shop that celebrates being a woman in a hip and fun way. Jill Varni, proprietor, just opened in April of this year and created a boutique that will entice you to take a look, if even for a few short minutes. You’ll likely be surprised at the variety of styles to choose from – stilettos, pumps, sandals and, of course, bags and accessories to go with them. I just loved the ambience here and I’m looking forward to my next visit, this time with wallet (instead of camera) in hand. I’m feeling quite lucky that CRAVE SF sent me here to make this amazing discovery…and right here in my hometown. :-) 

IMG_1486 copy copy PROOF 

IMG_1456 copy logo 

Can you just imagine yourself sitting in this sofa trying on that stiletto?

IMG_1466 copy logo

IMG_1460 copy C logo  

IMG_1496 copy copy PROOF 

More to come…stay tuned.

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