Tree Climbers | Los Gatos Childrens Photographer

You know the old saying, “Ya learn something new everyday?” Well, this mom learned something new during our session. Those trees in her backyard? Well, they are climb-able and yea, her kids are all over them. I thought it was kinda funny. During our pre-consult, I was saying how the park down my street (aka outdoor studio) had some great climbing trees that were perfect for kids in action photos. She liked the idea and wondered if perhaps, we could start our session at her house and then go to the park to get some kids-climbing-trees shots. And when I mentioned the idea to the kids, they took off…up their own trees. hahaha Mom was surprised at how her kids scampered up those trees and a tiny bit apprehensive that in future, she won’t be able to see her kids for the trees.  😉

More to come…stay tuned.

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